Today every society, startup or enterprise one, uses the web technology.
For this reason every society dedicates a part of the budget to marketing development.
The objective is not only to promote its products or services, but the final aim is exploiting the digital marketing potential.

I decided to write this article because in Italy the digital marketing philosophy is getting slower than in other countries.
Here words like process automation, profit analysis or marketing campaign are still relatively new.

During the last 10 years the social media network exploded with a lot of consequences:
e-commerce diffusion, use of internet to find information and new research tools.
The consequence is that every structure which deals directly or indirectly with internet, has to create a strategy which involves all these new elements.

This strategy can be created with a dedicated budget for human resources, technologies to be always on the top of the wave.
All the actions, implementations which can be created makes part of a specific area called Digital Marketing.

In this article you are going to discover the principal aspects of Digital Marketing and the automation processes you can create with special software like Infusionsoft Keap.

In detail we are going to speak about:

  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Basic tools for Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing description
  • The importance of Digital Marketing
  • Features of a Digital Marketing campaign
  • Advanced tools for Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Infusionsoft platform
  • General features for Infusion Platform
  • Creating a website for an effective Digital Marketing campaign
  • Organizing your Digital Marketing strategy with Infusionsoft platform
  • How to realize the selling process with Infusionsoft
  • How to develop in Infusionsoft
  • How to exploit API for Infusionsoft
  • Conclusions

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The Digital Marketing is made by all the tools which give you the possibility to promote a product or a service through the web.
All of this can be achieved through different channels.

The Digital Marketing is known by other names, for example Online Marketing.
Sometimes you can also find the Digital Advertising word used in a wrong way.
In reality the Digital Advertising is a part of the whole Digital Marketing.
The Digital Advertising is a part of the communication in a specific advertising campaign.

The Digital Marketing is more complex and bigger because is also made by different phases of the "traditional marketing".
They can be called "preliminary" and "in progress".


  • Elaboration of a deep marketing analysis dedicated to the competitors (for competitors we are referring both to the ones with the same activity through and ecommerce and the ones with the same products)
  • Study and research of the best digital channels to promote your products or services
  • A definition of the ideal customer for your products and services (you can also do this in the previous step)
  • Testing of the taken actions
  • Analysis of the taken actions
  • Optimization, according to the real time analysis, of the taken action
The Digital Marketing can be considered as the new frontier where the new productive realities develop, using the communication technologies. The majority of all of this is realized on-line through the available channels: social media, ecommerce platforms and classical web sites.

If we refer to the "classical" marketing classification, the Digital Marketing can be considered as a branch of business economics.
The Digital Marketing peculiarity is the study of the results of the campaigns, the behaviours and
the interactions of the users while they are surfing online.
The actions like filling a form or click on a link can be spontaneous or guided through all the Digital Marketing technologies and tools.

The main Digital's Marketing objective can be resumed with the promotion in the web of every type of product or service, using the latest marketing technologies


Digital Marketing is made different branches with the same objective: reaching the goal you have set.
Thanks to specific software and tools, you are able to analyze how the campaign is performing, which improvements can be made in real time and the available optimizations.
So you are able to create a database according to you can create your web marketing strategy.

Some branches are related to the website structures.
You can create a website according to the engine research parameters (SEO, SEM, DEM), to the content analysis (through content marketing), or to all the actions taken through the e-commerce marketing.

The main advantage of Digital Marketing is its constant evolution and innovation thanks to the different communicative, hardware or software related technologies.
This is crucial because it allows you to do an accurate planning for your promotional campaigns, which can properly work during time.
Practically speaking, the developing and the lasting of the campaigns won't be affected by the costs of the technologies renewals and you still will be able to reach the wanted results.
As a plus, the campaigns created through the Digital Marketing technologies, are able to keep intact (or also anticipate) the primal variable related to time.
This is a fundamental parameter for every investment which is calculated through the ROI (return of investment) index.


As we said before, the Digital Marketing has different sectors but the most important ones are:

  • Web marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • E-commerce marketing
In general, we can considerate the Web Marketing as the core of the Digital Marketing because the web marketing involves all the selling strategies used in the web and more specifically around a website.

The Digital Marketing has a lot of processes and procedures that are different from the ones of the classical marketing.
This differentiation is not only substantial but it's related also with terminology and functionalities of the basic concepts.


As we are going to see later, the main web marketing activities are the Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO), the Search Engine Marketing (aka SEM), and the Direct Email Marketing (aka DEM).

The first activity (SEO) allows to optimize your internet visibility related to a website or a specific page through the research engine.

The second activity (SEM) is related to specific activities in the textual ads creation, in graphics related to promotional banners, all of this allows to convey a lot of web traffic to a specific website or a specific landing page.

The last activity (DEM), is related to all the processes of the online editorial planning, using especially the email.
All of this is realized with promotional and informative emails to customers or simple contacts or Leads.

There is another important branch in the Digital Marketing and it's the Web Analytics.
Web Analytics can be considered the central core both of the Digital and the Web Marketing because in the Web Analytics are included all the creative processes related to the measurement of every data which came from the web.
The web strategy (the whole strategies put in place by a company in the digital sector) is planned according to the real time analysis of the data and information given by Web Analytics.


Apparently you can classify the Social Media Marketing only for the use of the social networks by the users but if you go deep you will realize that Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram are real platforms.
This means that our website has not only to interact with them on different levels but these social platforms are a sort of parallel digital world where the user accounts can communicate and interact with websites.

This means that the Marketing Digital Campaign must take in consideration the social network world, in order to reach with a punctual strategy the final marketing's objective: the user's conversion in purchasing a product or a service.

The strategy must consider:

  • The Awareness of a type of product or service
  • The Engagement from an emotional point of view
  • The Identification of potential customers
All of these elements, gives you the possibility to start an itinerary where you can guide the customer to purchasing your products or services. All of these steps put together in a marketing campaign are called Funnel.

The funnel is a tool of the Inbound Marketing (a sector of the marketing itself) , which attracts different types of contacts to your website or social media homepage, so you can convert these contacts in potential customers.
The Funnel can be considered as the operative base of the Digital Marketing.


First of all, the marketing related to E.commerce is a technique of selling born directly from Internet, this means it uses both of marketing strategies and hardware and software technologies.
This is a fundamental concept in order to understand how the Marketing related to E.commerce is one of the pillars of Digital Marketing.
Why? Because the Marketing related to E.commerce represents the final conversion step from a simple contact to a paying customer, all of this earning money which is the best objective of the campaign itself.

the Marketing related to E.commerce it's related not only to a promotional use of Social media (Social Media Marketing) but also to the straight use of E.commerce.
Integrated platform of Digital Marketing like Infusionsoft allows you to integrate and to automate different processes between different sources.
This way you will be able to have all the necessary tools in one place: the Infusionsoft platform has everything you need to develop the marketing system in the digital world.


The main objective of a campaign created for the web is to establish a solid and lasting relationship with the customers, exploiting all the possibilities offered by the web and using all the available technologies.

There are three principal features which identify a Digital Marketing Campaign:

  • Message selectivity
  • Customization of communication
  • Interactivity of the communication process.
  • These three features allow you to build customer's loyalty maximizing the result and decreasing the involved resources and assets.


    The advertising activity, the communication, are not happening in a generic way but they are referred to a specific group of customers, who are targeted and selected through specific tools.


    The customization of communication allows you to adapt the best way as possible to the needs of a specific target of users.
    This process can be realized through a continuous information collection both in a directly or indirectly way.
    The directly one can be realized through the tracking of the user's behavior in your website or through filled forms, the indirectly one is made of extracted data from special databases owned by partners.
    You need to pay attention in using these databases because they decreased a lot when the GDPR was established in Europe.
    The GDPR grants to the user the choice to authorize of not the data collection through cookies.


    This last feature is an exclusive of the digital world.
    The user takes actions according to his/her will, which leads to communicate with the company his/her desires and needs.
    This way the company has the possibility to promote specific services or products 100% appreciated by that type of user.
    In order to understand how inserting digital activities in a communication strategy is really effective, just think to all the modern analysis tools which grants us a huge amount of extremely accurate data.
    All of this allow you to optimize the online system with no expensive costs and in almost no time.
    Let's make a simple example in order to express all the potentialities of Digital Marketing and its opportunities.
    If you are willing to develop a website or to exploit an existing one, you can use specific analysis tools which can give you a lot of parameters and variables, for example:

    • The total amount of people who visits the whole website
    • The total amount of people per single page in the website
    • Their geographical position
    • Their interests and hobbies
    • How many of visitors bought a particular service or product
    • How many contacts came from external resources (social network, blog, ecc.) and how many came from partner's websites or engine research.
    • Which button is the most appreciated from users (for example the "try it for free" or "subscribe and try it now" have collected the highest number of interactions).
    So practicing Digital Marketing means using a lot of different tools (for example your website, the engines research with SERP, the social network, the online videos and blogs) which are available to both users and society in order to create a specifc contact with our potential customer.


    What is different between a traditional marketing campaign and a digital one is that, in the digital one, you are able to make hypothesis and perform productivities tests thanks to the data collection and their analysis in real time.
    The advantage is that you can evaluate accordingly the reactivity and the interactivity of the users related to the active marketing campaign.
    This allows you to measure in an effective way the outcome of the taken action, so you will be able to correct it and optimize all the tools and the channels used in that campaign.
    What keeps Digital Marketing so effective is the presence of this type of real time data, which come from different sources, they realize the final objective of Digital Marketing:
    To persuade a contact to become a customer or a fidelity one.
    Next to the virtual but substantial of the contact, we can find another feature of the web and we are talking about the tracking of every action taken by the contact itself.
    When the contact enters willingly in the so called "zone of influence", for example through a CTA (call to action), or interacting with a link from an external site.
    All of this allows you to create predictive models based on the users' behavior, this way you can optimize in the best way possible all the available resources until you will be able to anticipate the possible answers of a specific target on a specific input.


    Even if we already went through some Digital Marketing tools, from now on we will refer to Digital Marketing tools as "all the applications which allows you to put in practice the fundamental techniques of Digital Marketing".

    These applications perform specific actions:

    • Acquisition and profiling of contacts
    • Management and control of sells
    • Sending of communications to contacts
    • Keeping high customers' fidelity
    • Lead transformation
    • Reminder of contacts or reactivation of an inactive audience

    If you want to collect more contacts, the most common apps are the ones related to Website Tracking and Social Media Marketing.
    The Social Media Marketing is also used in a massive way to make a profile of the users and it's used also with the "Loyalty Programs", which allow you to build trust with your customers using different tools as email marketing.

    The email marketing is used both as a communication tool and as a reactivation tool for the audience who has been inactive for a long time.
    Even if email marketing hasn't the same importance in the past (due to spamming and fraud risk), the use of email is still the principal mean of communication between the contact-customer and the company.
    The secret is using email marketing in a well planned and measured way.


    As we said before, all these features can be exploited through specific application which allows you to extract specific data but there are also other tools which allows you to make a general and well structured analysis of the whole marketing campaign.
    These tools can be used in the so called marketing automation , which is made of all the possible automations in the marketing activities.
    The use of this technology leads to a maximization of the results achieved from a society, this way you can improve the results so they will be aligned (even better) to the expected ones from our own marketing campaign.

    The marketing activity (both in virtual/digital meaning and in a more traditional one), can be considered as the backbone of the business economic because it has the objective of increasing the income and the profit through the growth of customer loyalty, this means you have to keep a contact who already bought a product or a service.

    In general but not always, the Marketing Automation is realized through an email marketing campaign: a simple mailing list allows you to quickly be in touch with everyone who displayed at least once the pages (general o specific) of your website just with the action of sending a customized email.
    This way it's possible to create that feeling of trust between the customer and the society in two possible directions: when you transform the contact into a customer and when you have to keep alive an already existing relationship.

    A considerable aspect of Marketing Automation is, other than the fact that can be used for traditional, digital and mixed campaigns, it can be addressed both to 2B2 (Business to Business) market and B2C market (Business- to- Consumer).
    The Marketing Automation has a lot of advantages, for example the automation of all the communication processes, in other words the the dialogue between society and consumer.
    With this type of approach you can considerably increase the existing relationship between customer and company or you can create new relationships, creating different communicative models created for every customer based on specific characteristics which can be objective and subjective.

    This way you can exponentially increase the efficiency and the range of the communication, which leads to an increase of profit and revenue.

    A practical example could be this one: a contact has filled a form in a specific page of the website, as a consequence it has been sent by the system a description with a focused offer.

    This contact doesn't answer and he/she doesn't communicate his/her final decision nor if he/she is interested in the offer.

    In a normal situation, this contact will be forget in 90% of the times and you will have 2 negative feedbacks:
    You won't close the selling and you will lose a potential customer.

    The activities made by the Marketing Automation, not only can fill the gap because they have the possibility to wake up the contact's attention (through customized email reminding the customer the offer it's about to expire or with email with a new customized promotion), but the activities made by the Marketing Automation can perform a back office work because they keep note of the possible expirations and solicit the company workers to perform the appropriate actions towards to the customer, for example with a call reminder or with a customized email.

    At the center of Marketing Automation there is always a platform which allows you to:

    • Collect contacts putting them in special lists
    • Evaluate the type of a made interaction
    • Gives a fidelity score in order to establish a tighter relationship with customers or potential ones.
    One of this applications is Infusionsoft made by Keap.

    The Infusionsoft platform allows you to organize all your activity related both to Digital Marketing and selling, increasing your commerce and giving you the possibility to save a lot of time and money.

    To better understand how it works, Infusionsoft can be considered as a big container where you can find all the data coming from your website and from your business social networks, these data are grouped in order to be used by the tools necessary for the analysis, the managing of the marketing's company, the reporting activities and the selling.

    All of this is realized thanks to the Infusionsoft ability to "catch" the interested users giving a basic information: how many and which of them are more inclined to transform from contacts into a "Lead" and become real customers.
    The process is realized because Infusionsoft is able to automize all the communications which takes place between the different modules of the system, so it's possible to close in a faster way all the sales or you can propose different sales techniques whenever it's needed.
    On top of this there is also the post selling action in contacting again the customer, the verification of payments and the preparation of data in order to extract them through specific reports.

    So Infusionsoft allows you to organize the production of your own society increasing the incidence rate of the sales using an inferior elapse of time comparing to the one in the traditional marketing, everything applied to the whole management of the linked campaign.

    This happens because in Infusionsoft you can find all the basic tools for the launch and for the management of a marketing or a selling campaign, and also it has a lot of modules which grants you a big and deep integration between them and with your website, all of this is realized in a completely automatic way.

    Infusionsoft is a platform which integrates different elements in the marketing sector and Infusionsoft platform is made by essential modules as:

    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which can be considered as the base of the whole system because it can manage the contacts, the various relationships of the society with its whole customers.
    • A marketing email system which allows to send email messages to every registered contact, this will make simplier the messaging work which takes place according to the users' profile.
    • A Campaign Builder module, which allows you to create a marketing campaign and managing all the automation related to the various processes of the campaign itself.
    In Infusionsoft you can find also particular modules, for example the one related to the "Landing Page" in your website. It's an integrated system which grants you the possibility to create and manage all the activation pages and/or conversion pages of users who come from external position of Internet (for example social network), or from other partners' site without using systems of external tools (for example the clicks control panels of the verify pages).

    On top of the ones said before, in the Infusionsoft platform you can find also a module related to the "Lead Scoring" (in the digital marketing sector a "Lead" is an intermediate person between the simple contact and the loyal customer), which you can use to follow all the interactions (requests, purchases, shippings, communications, visits, ecc.) that have been made by the all contacts so you can create a proper database.
    This database has the support function during the whole active campaign duration and during the futures ones, all of this allows you to have the necessary data to foresee specific contacts' behaviors or desires.


    Let's see which are the main characteristics and the main advantages of using Infusionsoft in the Digital Marketing sector.
    Obviously this is not a specific and technical article dedicated to Infusionsoft, so I will describe in general the modules which grants to an Infusionsoft programmer to interact with the platform itself.
    Let's start keeping in mind that Infusionsoft is fundamentally divided into actuatives modules (CRM, Marketing and e-commerce), where the administration module of the whole system is attached.

    CRM Module the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module is made of 4 subsections:

    • Contacts
    • Company opportunities
    • Referral Partners
    • Visitors


    According to the Contacts section, we saw that the principal core of the Digital Marketing is the one related to contacts, which can be simple, leads, occasional customers or loyal ones.

    The section related to Contacts which is present in the CRM of Infusionsoft can be considered as the central and the most important one of the whole application.

    Inside of it it's possible to see every type of information related to a specific contact, you can manage a single contact or a whole group of them.
    For example you can see all the emails received by a contact or the real time chronology of what's happened and it's happening to that specific contact (for example the list of everything he/she purchased, how much he/she spent each time and when), and you can see to which or to how many lists has subscribed.

    All of this happens thanks to the use from Infusionsoft of the so called "Tag", which are tools used to analyze, visualize or extract specific data.
    Tag are a fundamental revolutionary tool because it allows you to make a choice in the platform and to plan a precise and punctual schedule in Infusionsoft.

    A particular feature inside the Tag section, is the presence of Tag named " Score" inside the general information of a contact.
    This Score Tag allows you to obtain a sort of evaluation of the contact itself.
    The creation of this evaluation is possible thanks to a particular algorithm which express a determined score set directly by the system.
    This score expresses the reliability of the contact according to the activities he/she had in the timeframe from his/her first visit.
    The Tag section of Infusionsoft is a collection of all the necessary tools for a company in order to plan a proper Digital Marketing strategy on a medium and large period.

    The evidence of Infusionsoft being the optimal platform for Digital Marketing is witnessed by the partners being an important element of the platform itself.

    Thanks to the possibility to link to third resources or to external sites to the platform itself, you are able to create more links: the partner can expand the message (it can be a link to a landing page or to a Call to Action inside an email), to all his/her contacts which can be put in Infusionsoft database and being tracked in the future.

    The reference partner is a very important part of a Digital Marketing Campaign because the reference partner can promote a particular campaign and, thanks to the specific module "Referral Partner", you can test the referral partner's kindness in order to negotiate for example, the selling commission in order to generate more profit.


    If you want to discover all the advantages in opening an Infusionsoft account with a certified Partner, I have explained all here

    Exploiting a site for an effective Digital Marketing campaign
    We always have referred to a general web site, it can't be an e.commerce one or a classical one, because a campaign can be promoted in different landing pages present in various social network.
    In the case where this "site" is a real web site, it must be created following a particular structure with the objective of being spotted and liked by the principal algorithm of the digital activities: the Google one.
    This last phase is extremely important in order to having a performing Digital Marketing Campaign.

    The site programmer must create some optimizations inside the site itself so the campaign can be created on solid bases.
    Let's see which are the main operations you can perform from a structural point of view in the site, regardless of its contents.

    The site must be:

    • Total Friendly: it must be displayed both on computer and on mobile support (Smart and Tablet)
    • The site must be totally compatible with the latest browsers' versions
    • The site must have inside every single page the right keywords, so you will be able to create a punctual SEO campaign
    • The site must have a simple structure, linear and easy to understand for Google's algorithm
    • The site must have at least one "Landing Page"
    • The site must follow the basic digital security parameters
    From a content point of view, the site must be always updated and its topics must have a high quality. This is applied also to text and images inside the web pages: They must correspond to the descriptions in the pages and to the used keywords used also in the headers.


    Let's go deep this topics so we will be able to program in Infusionsoft, with a brief introduction on Google's algorithm and why it's so important in the Digital Marketing campaign sector.

    One of the most common ways to access to a site is doing some researches in the web using Search Engines like Google, Bing or Duckduck.

    The result of the research, called in a technical language as Query or interrogation, it's displayed in a dedicated page created ad hoc and called SERP (Search Engine Result Page), this page has inside all the descriptions and the links to the found sites according to the inserted words in the research bar.

    The ranking of a site (or specific parts of it) inside this SERP it's the result of a precise ranking which is realized by multiple factors and is based on the keywords used in the research.

    Google, like every other research engine, periodically performs through the web various phases:

    • Navigation (the act of visiting a web page from which every link has been followed)

    • Indexing (the creation of an index after the scanning made during the navigation phase)

    After these two it comes a third one, the "Ranking" (the most important and fundamental one for the positioning).
    The Ranking is the assignment of a particular score for every scanned page.
    This particular score, both partial and total, which determines the ranking of the link inside the SERPs.

    That's why a web site, in order to be at one of the top research positions not only for Google but of all the research engines, it must be completely compatible with the Google algorithm and be in line with its principal parameters.

    First of all the site must have a simple structure, defined, but above all a hierarchical one, this way the research engine can easily perform the Crawling (navigation) and Indexing (index of found pages) operations inside the site.
    This task is very easy to perform if you insert an interactive map inside the site itself.

    After that, the site must have a very high speed of loading, this because if too many seconds pass for the request of the visualization of the page, the user can skip that page or visit another website.

    As a third point, the site must be totally compatible with every type of used device, this feature is fundamental for Google because Google gives a higher score to each site which is more responsive.

    On top of that, the Google's algorithm evaluates the ranking inside the SERP also according to the presence of other factors, for example if the site is SEO compatible or based on the contents inside the pages.


    In every Digital Campaign the SEO is fundamental, let's discover why.
    SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, in other words it's the optimization for research engines and the SEO includes all these activities applied to the site for the web marketing campaigns.
    Some of these activities are structural (as established from the first parameter of Google's algorithm) or related to the type of research according to the site must be visible.

    This last type of activity is realized by the use of the Keywords, which are words used by the users to research specific products or services.
    These Keywords can be single or compound (the so called Key Phrases) and they must be put inside a specific part of the page called Header, and inside the page text with an expected percentage around 4-6% of the whole text.
    Obviously the key phrases has a bigger incidence compared to the Keywords, because of their being specific and focused, the key phrases give a better identification of the page or the site.

    The Keywords must be chosen with full knowledge of the facts because the algorithm contextually perform two control operations:

    • It verify the reliability of the correspondence related to the key words with the content of the page itself ( the same control has been made with the images if they present inside the page)
    • Control of the update state of the pages which the key words are related to

    This point is really important in order to obtain good results from the Digital Marketing Campaign, because even if it doesn't have immediate links with marketing itself, having pages with high quality and always updated contents leads to two unquestionable advantages:

    • The increasing of interest from Google's algorithm as a result the increasing of the ranking and the related positioning inside the SERP
    • Curiosity from the users who know they will always find new contents and users will be pushed to observe and to return very often to the site In this last case the advantage is more evident because it increases the chances that the contacts (above all the ones made by a specific user), could do the interactions requested inside the site itself.


    A practice which always associated with SEO it's the one called SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
    The SEM can be easily explained through the practice of the so called "Pay-per-Click" so paying the research engine itself in order to be ranked in the positions at the beginning of the SERP.
    This technique is easily recognizable because every research engine in the very first two lines (sometimes in the lateral part of the SERP), insert some links with the acronym "ann" put in the lower left corner.

    In all cases both SEO and SEM give the user the possibility to perform a specific action, which is the action of clicking on a link which leads to a specific web site page.

    This feature, from a Digital Marketing point of view, is a very fundamental step because:

    • It establish a contact between the site and the user
    • It increases the traffic to the site
    • It creates traffic inside the site itself
    In all these cases, with a particular reference to the traffic routed to the site, it's generated a mechanism which allows the Google algorithm to monitor with more attention the pages we are referring to (and of course to the whole site). This monitoring activity it's really important above all if the incoming traffic comes from other sites or, even better, from the various social network. This technique , called **link-building** , gives the possibility to Google to establish authority for the site itself starting from the relevance of the most clicked one: the more the site is important, the more will be the consideration from the algorithm toward that specific page (it could be also a Landing Page) and the whole site.

    That type of evaluation made by Google is complementary to the one made at the same moment from Digital Marketing platforms like Infusionsoft, because according to number of visits made during a specific time laps, it's possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the Keywords and of the possible programmed SEM.
    If the values are lower than the ones expected, keywords can be easily evaluated again with the objective to optimize the result and lift up again the whole campaign.
    You have to keep in mind that, as already said at the beginning, these evaluations and modifications aren't made when the campaign is over but when it's still active, based on the analysis of the results.

    After this explanation, let's see how Infusionsoft can be used for reorganize a valid Digital Marketing Campaign.

    As we said before, Infusionsoft is a platform which has inside different types of modules, which interact with the 4 main functionalities: the CRM, the marketing, the e.commerce and the one related to the administration of the platform itself.

    This whole vision is really important also from the expected results from a whole Digital Marketing Campaign point of view.
    As we said before, it's not a single operation made on a specific tool but it's the result of some interactions highly connected where at its core there is always a site (web page) or a social which can be or not an e.commerce one.

    First of all Infusionsoft Keap belongs to the CRM sector and it allows to manage enourmous amount of data related to your own commercial activity.
    If we start from this definition, even if it's not the most correct one, we can consider Infusionsoft as a sort of huge database where you can perform different types of researches and controls.

    This platform is structured in order to have a principal Dashboard for every registered user in the account (it's possible to have more than a user), where are grouped all the main information related to the operations made inside the marketing campaign, for example the list of the promotions realized through email marketing and the still active ones.

    Regarding the Contacts part, for example, the platform is able to rule all the registered contacts or the ones which have subscribed on purpose, managing all the related activities, for example the periodical sending of informative email.
    This activity of ruling contacts is realized even if the contacts are placed inside different groups thank to the use of "Tag", giving you the possibility to have a complete and detailed historical resume for every single contact.

    The advantage of this module it's the possibility to really control a very big range of variables, if we want to stick on the contact topic, it's also possible to see if a person has opened or not the emails we sent or how many modules this person has filled and when this operation has been done.
    We can deduce that, if the main strategy is the one related to email marketing realized through the sending of a lot of email, it's a really crucial information knowing when or what a person has read because through them you can analyze the profitability of your campaign.

    But the information related to each registered user are not ended, because it's possible also to see the history of the pages that every contact or customer has visited during his/her navigation inside the site but above all, the parking time of every visited page in the site (a very fundamental data if you want to obtain a valid profiling result).
    This parameter is fundamental because allows you to understand which are the real user's interests, and this type of information can be used both in present (you can send detailed news of possible updates or new arrivals) and in the future so you will be able to shape the various preferences for a specific type of target and you can build a better precise and sharp campaign.

    A practical example can be a visitor of an e.commerce site who navigate through the page of the site itself, he/she put some articles in the shopping cart but he/she doesn't end the purchase.
    With Infusionsoft you can activate a sort of automation so you are able to follow that specific contact each time he/she returns on the e.commerce site, because the contact is already in the site (having visited it before).

    Previously we have spoken about the functionality and the importance of the "Lead Score" inside Infusionsoft and now we are going to see the reason why this feature can be considered as the most interesting ones in the platform.

    Fundamentally when you work with contacts acquired through email, you will see that these contacts not always answer to the email but they perform other actions, for example they open the email, they can click on an email that fills a module automatically or they can click on a link that shows them something specific inside our website.

    Thanks to the analysis of these actions which are repeated during the time, Infusionsoft memorize them in an automatic way, so you will be able to know how many contacts inside the database are active and which not.
    This allows you to understand in a clear way which type of contact is more reactive to certain type of services or products and which contact needs a reminder, a sort of "push".

    All of this is based on the attribution of a simple score, which is established based on an each established and performed action made from the contact-customer, even also the amount of time of keeping that specific score.
    In order to better clarify this topic, we take as example three possible actions:

    • Opening a simple email by clicking on a specific link
    • Filling a generic form where simple information are requested
    • Filling a specific form for the request of a specific product or service
    In the first case (clicking on a specific link) we assign one point, in the second case (filling a generic form to request information) the points are two and for the third case (filling a form for a specific product or a service) the points are four. In this specific example are assigned based on the importance of the action taken by the user but it can be decided in a arbitrary way. The result of all of this it's the sum of all the points acquired by the contacts during their actions and this sum establishes not only the probability according to the contacts could become customers, but also their loyalty level.

    All of this it's fundamental for who has the need to program in Infusionsoft because, thanks to the use of the "Tag" (which function has been described at the beginning of this article), the programmer has a very powerful integration tool related to the data inside the site (web or e.commerce), and also related to the channels linked to social network.
    We can take as an example this case: After a certain period of time from the beginning of the marketing campaign, some normal actions of control are being performed and we realize that the campaign is performing extremely well, so we have the idea of creating a resume page of the activities of the site, which is made by some elements like:

    • Global number of the site contacts
    • How many of them purchased something
    • How many of them subscribed to a newsletter
    • The most visited pages
    • Other values related to the performance of the site itself
    **The Infusionsoft Programmer** has the possibility to direct the users' attention by extracting the data with a simple JSON protocol (100% compatible with all the most common web programming languages),which doesn't lead to a slow charging of the page but it allows you to have real time updates of all the data you consider necessary.


    Infusionsoft it's not only an application which allows you to plan and manage a Digital Marketing Campaign but it also the possibility to create a digital marketing campaign.
    This procedure is realized through the "Campaign Builder" voice, which is located in the marketing module.

    With this module it's possible to create actions and different sequences inside the same campaign and, going depth, for every type of channel used and/or user or registered contact.

    Here there are some practical examples:
    For example if inside the CRM we will have 50 thousand contacts and we would like to send text messages to 5 thousand contacts and in the same time sending vocal messages to other 8 thousand contacts but some of them are in the same group where the text message has been sent.

    Infusionsoft could easily manage these simple needs by making specific requests, extracting the related data and performing a comparative analysis of the contacts which are simultaneously present inside the two different groups.

    This module, which builds the marketing campaigns in Infusionsoft, it doesn't only operate on the front-end with all the contacts interested in the campaign itself, but it allows to perform some actions also from the company side.
    Let's see a practical example: on top of the previous actions performed on a total of 13 thousand contacts (the ones present in two groups must be calculated two times because they have two different interactions), if you need that your account managers registered inside the program would make phone calls for 12 thousand other contacts with specific characteristics, the platform could point them to the most suitable ones and this will happens thanks to the historical analysis of the reactions and of the reactivity had in the past from the contacts.

    As you can see, all these activities go beyond the simple email marketing because you can use multiple transmission channels (text or vocal messages, send letters, make simple phone calls, ecc.) for different types of contacts which are suitable for that kind of interaction, thanks to the historical study of their interactions and behaviors they had during the parking and the navigation in the site.

    In the field of the campaign realized specifically through email, Infusionsoft allows a real personalization of the messages when you prepare the campaign, because you can find a new section called "Preview Text", this functionality has been present from a long time but very few people know the real potential.

    When a mail is received, it usually goes to the "incoming" folder or, in rare cases, in the spam folder.
    Inside the email, in the inbox section when the email hasn't been opened yet, you can see a brief text that follows the name of the sender.

    With Infusionsoft it's possible to modify this area using also the customized fields inside the CRM itself and, as a consequence, it could appear a text like this:

    "Good morning (Contact first name) discover your customized offer" where "Contact first name" is the field of the name of the contact registered inside the database.

    This little but very important detail increases in a significant way the chance of a contact to open the message, to read it, increasing not only the chances of success but also the factor which triggers an interaction or an answer from the user.

    The interaction itself which is requested inside the email's body can be managed with a lot of option, in fact it's possible to send the contact's answer to a specific web page through a simple link which points to a specific URL. or it's possible to send again the same email to a specific email address of the society, which might be the one of the marketing department or of the selling management department.
    The action tab, obviously, can be also linked to a specific "Landing Page" which allows to download a file or to fill a specific module, this way beyond the registration of the interaction, it's possible to record the behavior of the user so you can improve the next campaigns.

    We have to keep in mind that the facility of use of Infusionsoft is due to the execution of commands or the realization of all these activities which are performed (for example the Campaign Builder), through a simple object interface in Project Management style, and not with boring segments of text. It's possible indeed, for every used channel, to establish specific rules (for example it's possible to decide in which days and in which hours send messages) with a simple dragging, just specifying which can be the best method of communication (email, voice, fax, letter, etc.) chosen for that particular campaign.

    How to realize the selling process with Infusionsoft
    The main concept of selling through the web, which is valid both if you access to this specific platform and also with your own services, is the one related to the willing of selling a specific product or service. This can be realized if you use the Infusionsoft platform or not, but in both cases you must follow some main steps as:

    • Establish which products or services must be sold

    • Project the shopping cart

    • Decide which methods of payment are accepted
    For Infusionsoft, each one of these steps can be created directly inside the platform or through a link to it.

    The Infusionsoft e.commerce section allows you to do this operation.
    This section has various items, for example orders, products, actions but the most important one for an Infusionsoft programmer is the item related to the e.commerce setup.

    In setup section it's possible to create an independent shop window and to realize specific products selling pages, this ones can be put inside also a specific site with related products already linked.

    Inside this part you can find the modules related to the products you have to insert, to the themes of the web pages, to the managing of the payment and to all the different options related to the selling activities, for example to promotions or transportation fees.

    So it's possible to have a very high interaction between the e.commerce site and Infusionsoft itself: an example could be the one to allow the platform to manage the whole registering process of the shopping cart, of the payment and the billing.

    In this way you have a lot of advantages because you are not only recording (or implementing the existing interactions) the contact which became customer, but also you are recording some basic information like:

    • What the customer bought
    • How much the customer spent
    • For how many time the customer has been on the site
    When you create this kind of link, Infusionsoft stores some fundamental data which can be used for that specific contact also for other promotional campaigns: for example it can be possible to create a specific order module through an Infusionsoft's e.commerce module, which allows you to start all the procedures described abowe.

    The advantage of using Infusionsoft it's not ending here, indeed from the various options which can managed by the platform in the e.commerce field, there is also the one related to the subscription.
    The subscription can be programmed not only according to the timing (yearly, monthly, weekly or customized), but also for the shape, giving the possibility to the customer of being able to buy with tranquility and in the preferred way.

    How to develop in Infusionsoft
    As we said before in various part of this article, Infusionsoft allows to its programmers to easily connect specific part of the site to Infusionsoft itself.
    This task is made easier by the fact that Infusionsoft, in order to perform the communication and the dialogue between its modules and the external resources, it uses a new structure format of data called JSON (Java Script Object Notation).
    This format allows to join every type of data in order to create a flow of information at a very high level in the field of client server applications and to allow an exchange between them through API.

    This way the Infusionsoft programmer can easily read the output generated by the platform, or direct inside the platform itself the data with the procedures made by the specific contacts, which directly come from our own site or from other linked objects, for example the social network.

    A typical example easy to comprehend can be the one of the passage of some basic parameters as:

    • Name
    • Surname
    • The contact's email to a specific "Landing Page" which has been previously created with Infusionsoft.
    This way the Landing Page can be controlled directly from Infusionsoft, which it's able to manage in independent way all the necessary data for the registration of the interactions of the resource, this way the principal control of the operation it's still up to the site itself, where the user is send again after the requested operation has been performed.

    As we are going to see later regarding the API field of this application, an Infusionsoft programmer has the possibility to keep his/her own site as a shopping window (that can be dedicated to commerce or to another topic), also being sure to have a powerful tool for control and analysis which allows the Infusionsoft programmer to manage in "Real Time" all the available data and to create new highly performing actions.
    If you put in practice these actions gives you the possibility to activate a sequence of events which leads to the final objective of every marketing campaign: the increase of profit and earnings.

    How to exploit the API for Infusionsoft
    Infusionsoft is a platform which allows a high interaction with second and third parts application, this way you can freely manage various elements like contacts, activities, appointments and a lot more, through interface and/or modules which can be produced in a completely independent way.

    The API allows to third part applications to receive the notifications related to the changes which have been made inside the platform of specific campaigns, and as a consequence, the notifications related to the data which have to be extracted, in addition to that, the API allows to modify some records in Infusionsoft itself, this way the external programs can constantly work together in order to improve the digital marketing activity.

    Let's make some examples about how can be possible to program Infusionsoft using its API.
    The first example it's a practical one: a subject is developing his own website which must have a link to an application, this subject is a society which operates in various part of the world and also on different continents.

    When a contact is created through the API REST of Keap, an Infusionsoft programmer has the possibility to pair a specific time zone to a specific fresh created contact, but all of this is limited to an incomplete list of valid items.
    For example Europe is categorized exclusively by the positions Europe/London, Europe/Berlin, Europe/Instanbul, Europe/Minsk, Europe/Moscow, in addiction to the classic UTC.
    For example this allows to the beginning of a marketing campaign through email with the programmed send at 8.00 o'clock local time, regardless of the destination place.

    The second example is related to the methodology of authentication.
    An Infusionsoft programmer has the possibility to manage the access of all the API of all the Keap applications thanks to a very innovative standard authentication method called OAuth 2,0.

    OAuth allows you to give a simple authentication process for all the customers, which can perform different actions, for example the visualization or the access suspension for specific applications or their integrations, but above all OAuth gives to the Infusionsoft programmers a safe and standardized authentication method on the created applications (we are referring to whole sites or particular parts of them).
    This way it allows to make the half of the API calls compared to the ones used with the API XML-RPC, with the result of a simplification of the work optimizing the results.

    The Digital Marketing, as we saw before, it's a very huge environment with the main objective of increasing the profits and the earnings of a company, which operates mostly using digital channels.

    Infusionsoft enriches and makes perfect the base of web marketing (for example the SEO), and allows to expand a lot your own radius of action, mostly because it can be programmed.
    The programming for Infusionsoft is strictly connected to two principal factors: the knowledge of the JSON protocol for the data exchange and the mastery in using the tools available in the platform.

    Fundamentally the use of Infusionsoft is laborious but not difficult, so after very few time it's possible to develop internally and to link external resources in an easy and productive way.

    Developing for the Infusionsoft platform inside your own applications or interfaces, it can be an excellent opportunity of both personal and professional growth, because you will be able to take advantage of the great potentiality of this platform being able to preserve a high grade of customization