How to integrate whatsapp with infusionsoft

How to send whatsapp messages with Infusionsoft

How to integrate whatsapp with infusionsoft

In this guide we will not talk about whatsapp business API because the subscriptions as a developer for whatsapp business are actually closed so a lot of alternative tools are born.

They catch and automize the web whatsapp interface which is used in our automations.

In this guide we will talk about two specific alternative tools: an easier one which doesn’t require a lot of resources and a professional one, which uses a windows server with an active rdp.

Just a note: for both of them you will need to send the prefix and enable the whatsapp’s multidevice functions

Solution 1: integrate whatsapp with infusionsoft - keap

Openwa is an interface based on web whatsapp which allows us to automize our campaigns with http post and to send a whatsapp message directly to the user into our campaign. In order to do this we will need:

  1. My bridge (which has been developed with the Openwa Team) you can find it here

  2. A £100 per year licence (you can find it here), which allows you to send message to not registered contact number

How to integrate whatsapp in infusionsoft - keap

After we have installed my bridge and purchased the Openwa program licence, we will simply send an http post with the below configuration and our user, if recorded in whatsapp, will receive our programmed message.

whatsapp in keap.png
An extremely important thing which you have to remember is to send ALWAYS the prefix, so the phone1 must have also the prefix.

If not, you will need to send the needed field with our http post and the software will adjust the phone accordingly.

Solution 2: whats2business for infusionsoft

What2business it’s a slightly different from the previous one because it needs a permanent working windows installation.

The software is completely different from Openwa: here you will be able to use the whats2business interface to completely manage whatsapp.

You will need the software and the bridge i have built, in order to receive an http post with all the information (you can find them here)
and here is an example image