Infusionsoft course

In this article we are going to understand the themes of a Keap-Infusionsoft class and how the class is conducted by an official partner.

Infusionsoft Course

First of all we have to say that you will find a lot of Infusionsoft course available in all languages online, but this is not the objective of my class.

The advantage of choosing a class conducted by an official partner is not only based on specific topics but the customer will be completely independent in reaching his/her objectives.

Let’s make an example, it often happens that a company, which has or is going to purchase Keap/Infusionsot contacts me to have a quote for some education hours.

The first step is understand if the platform has been purchased through a partner or in an independent way, so I am able to work in the best possible way.

According to this we have different available solutions:

  • If Infusionsoft hasn’t been purchased through a partner, it happens 50% of the times, I organize the class around the analysis of the customer’s needs and with a focus on what the customer wants to automate so he/she will be able to be completely independent in less than 3 months.
  • If Infusionsoft has been purchased through a partner and the account has inside some campaigns, the work is different. In this case we are going to analyze the campaigns, so I will be able to understand if the account administrator is aware of what’s happening inside his/her own Infusionsoft account, after that we are going to focus on how the campaigns work in his/her account from a theorical and practical point of view.
 At the end, there will be a part dedicated to the creation of new automation campaigns.

In this last case the work is easier if the user has already an understanding on how Infusionsoft works, we will be able to reach to expected results in less than a month.

This is the difference between my class compared to an already pre packaged one, obviously my class requires more time to follow it, but it’s also the easiest way to manage in independent way the Software.

This because my class will start from theory in order to arrive to practical activities, which is the best method to understand the logics of a software like Infusionsoft.

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